Google Adwords tools, Retargeting & more

The secret to success in any type of ad is getting your ad in front of the right people. When you create a search campaign in AdWords, you have to choose “keywords” to bid on. AdWords is in most cases easier than SEO and it’s a great way to complement your other marketing channels. Retargeting is also very powerful.


Spy on your competition. SpyFu uncovers the best opportunities for search marketers.

Follow Per Click

Google-based ad services for personalized re-marketing on major platforms.

Automate Ads

Automate Ads is a marketing automation tool. Track user events, attribute conversions and automate ad ops for Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, and Google Adwords campaigns.

AdRoll – Retargeting

AdRoll makes retargeting simple and profitable on all platforms. Service to bring back lost customers and increase conversion. Free trial.


Paid tool for ads management. Have control of all your ad spend on Google Adwords, Facebook ads and on Bing. Allows you to create custom metrics.

Tweedo PPC tool

Tweedo PPC tool

Free and simple tool that can improve your campaign’s quality score, relevance and CTR to increase conversions and minimize CPC. No account required.


Freemium tool. Sitewit provides an automated big data driven approach to website and paid search optimization for the major online marketing platforms such as Google, Bing & Yahoo!, Facebook, WordPress, and many others using engagement marketing and predictive scoring.


Automated performance management tools for Google AdWords. Quality Score Tracker, One-Click AdWords Optimizations & more. Easily optimize keywords, bids, ads, display and built a better structured shopping ad.

AdWords Wrapper

AdWords Wrapper

This tool gives you the possibility to change keyword matching options. Free tool.


All-in-one online advertising platform with full management and analytics for campaigns across search, social, and mobile ad networks like Google AdWords, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter Ads