Facebook Ads

Ads play a critical role in the success of your ecommerce business. There are many benefits in using Facebook as an advertising medium. There are over 1 billion users served and only 2 million advertisers, it is a great platform for raising awareness and remarketing is incredibly powerful. There are a few tools to help you out. Depending on your niche, budget and competitors, you need to find out how to make effective Facebook ads and what is best time to run ads on Facebook.


Adsvise is a free tool created to help designers and marketers get through the mental maze of online ad research. A must for all – contains Adwords, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr specifications.

Facebook ads gallery

The Facebook Ads Gallery is the largest free collection of Facebook Ads. It’s great for inspiration and see how others (including your competitors) advertise on Facebook

Uplevo – Design Beautiful Ads

Easily design beautiful Facebook ads, posts, covers or your social media content

Facebook Ads Keyword Tool

Facebook Ads Keyword Tool

Stop wasting time adding interests one by one. Immediately discover all the relevant interests based on keywords and paste them into your Facebook ads audience interests.

AdFactory – Teespring ads for FB

Free tool. Great for Teespring and Fabrily campaigns. Ad Factory helps you create powerful ads for you quickly and without any graphics skills.

Ad Fox

Browse your competitors ads and find out what is trending. Covers US,UK, Canada, France, Italy, Germany and more. 1$ for 3 days.

Hootsuite Ads

Facebook ads manager that allows to quickly create ads, kill the ads that are not performing well. Streamline ad management – centralize your entire paid social strategy.


They have a free tool to check if your photo meets the 20% rule. Overall, TechWyse comes in handy for creative designing, building traffic and analysing.


Effective way to A/B test audiences and ads, great way to schedule and to track. Google Analytics integration is available. Free trial 15 days.

Facebook Ads Compass

Free tool. Great for optimization. Analyze your Facebook Ads campaign and discover what’s working and what’s not

Ad Espresso

AdEspresso is an online tool to manage and optimize your Facebook Advertising Campaigns. Free trial 14 days.